SegWit and Lightning support - enabled

Our Bitcoin gateway now supports Segwit (by default) and Lightning transactions. We encourage our customers to use this type of payments to save on trasactions fees on the Bitcoin network.

Please, contact us in case you face any problems paying through these channels.

4th Feb 2021
New special dedicated server deals added

We are gald to announce that we have added special dedicated server deal. The stock may run out fast, so do not wait too long :)
Check it out here:

16th Mar 2020
Bitcoin payments - resolved

We had an issue with our Bitcoin payment gateway due to the default source of exchange rates stopped providing the rates. Now the issue is resolved and BTC / LTC payments are back.

YH Administration

14th Jan 2020
New Bitcoin gateway / BitPay payment gateway issues [resolved]

We have implemented new Bitcoin payment gateway with support of all Bticoin wallets and 0% fees. Please, feel free to select "Bitcoin (main)" during payment of new or existing order.

We have faced some issues with BitPay payment gateway and our team is working to fix it. We will update you once it's resolved. [resolved]

5th Aug 2019
Unmetered servers

Unmetered high bandwidth servers are now available for order.
Please, check our powerful options here:

23rd Jan 2019
System update

We are running some updates to the client area and some issues may show up. We kindly ask you to contact or open a support ticket if you face any issues accessing any parts of the client's management area.

14th Jan 2019
EOL of PHP 5.5 5.6 and 7.0

PHP versions 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 reached end of life status (EOL). This means that no more security fixes will be provided by the PHP Group for these versions. We advise you to upgrade to latest PHP 7.3 or at least 7.2. 7.1 will reach EOL in the end of 2019 so we advise to upgrade either to 7.2 or 7.3.Please, open support ticket should you need help ... Read More »

1st Jan 2019
Integrated advanced DNS management

Dear customers,We are glad to inform that our team has just finished integrating advanced DNS records management into client-side control panel.You can now fully manage DNS of your domains in a single place.Please, note that DNS of the domain should be set to - if you want to use our advanced DNS zones ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2015
Price increase for .net domains


On Feb, 1st we will increase prices for .net for $0.95. This will affect new registrations, renewals and transfers. Price increase is caused by the fact that .net registry is increasing the price starting from Feb, 1st.

Thank you for understanding,
YH Administration

30th Jan 2015
Changes in domain registrations and new domain registrars!

Recent changes in our domain registrar ( policy made us thinking on the new model for securing our customers' domain names. The first thing is that we stopped working with Webnic as we no longer find them secure. Then In the beginning of January we have been contracted 3 new domain registrars (China, Hong Kong and Russia) to make our ... Read More »

12th Jan 2015